Lenawee County Right to Life is an affiliate of Right to Life of Michigan, which is a non-sectarian, non-partisan organization of pro-life groups. Together, our goal is to preserve life at all stages—from conception to natural death. Locally, we support efforts to increase awareness of pregnancy services, sponsor legislative functions to familiarize legislators with our purpose, and provide information to anyone who is interested.


We are one of nearly 100 Right to Life of Michigan affiliates representing the local citizens within our community.

We are convinced that death is not a solution to suffering or hardship. Together, we are working for the day when positive life-affirming solutions are found for difficult situations at both the beginning and end of life.

We are a non-profit volunteer organization made up of people of different political persuasions, various faiths and diverse economic, social and ethnic backgrounds.

We work peacefully to advance our identified life issues. We oppose illegal and violent means to achieve our goals. To counter violence with violence is against our principles.

Lenawee County Right to Life Mission Statement

Lenawee County Right to Life is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization of diverse and caring people united to protect the precious gift of human life from fertilization to natural death.

We strive to educate people on identified Right to Life issues, to motivate them to action, to encourage community support and the participation in programs and legislation that foster respect and protection for human life and to promote and support prolife candidates.

We work on the behalf of defenseless or vulnerable human beings, born and unborn, within our identified life issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.



We, as an affiliate of Right to Life of Michigan, provide factual information on the topics of abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia to help educate our local citizens on relevant life issues.

Legislative Action

We participate in the legislative process so that laws are passed on behalf of defenseless and vulnerable human beings—born and unborn.

Political Action

We are involved in the political arena so that we can engage in a thorough pro-life vetting process in order to elect officials who will protect innocent members of our human family.

A Civil Rights Issue

At each point in history when mass groups of the vulnerable were threatened, someone stood up and stood firm against it.

Today, even up to the time of birth, unborn babies have no right to life. Each year in the U.S., more than a million children are killed by abortion.

Our work is part of a coordinated effort with Right to Life of Michigan. We are the voice, hands and feet for babies preparing to be born and those threatened by a quality of life ethic.

Right to Life groups have formed in every state to restore legal protection for unborn children under the U.S. Constitution. This is, without a doubt, the most important civil rights issue of our time. Together we will stand up and stand firm for the protection of innocent human life.